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Welcome to the official website of Falx Cariei

Falx Cariei is a growing movement within the Sith Empire that calls for change in the way the Empire is run. This is not to say that we actively oppose the Emperor and the Dark Council, merely that we endeavor to lead by example and show our brethren that the Dark Side need to mean chaos and disorder. We therefore welcome any, both Sith and non-Sith, who have seen the corruption and decadence of the Sith Empire and feel that there is a better and more orderly way governing our Empire and bringing our Order to the Galaxy.

The goals of Falx Cariei are as follows:

* To demonstrate a more orderly way of life, free of the chaos, backstabbing, decadence, and disorder that would only weaken us from within.  We cannot fall into the same self-destructive cycle which has ruined Sith aspirations of dominance in the past.

* To work towards the destruction of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order.  Their divisive and weak government and misguided beliefs are the enemy of the order which the Sith Empire can bring to this Galaxy.

* To destroy those of our brethren who have fallen into chaos and whose deaths will help cleanse our Empire. These killings must be carefully planned however, and our targets carefully selected for it would do no good to kill even the most corrupt Sith, or imperial citizen, if their death brought about even more chaos.

We require any who wish to join us to make testament of their encounters with the corruption of the Empire and of their desire to help cleanse it.

Please see our Forums for other important information, such as the ranks within the Falx Cariei.

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First Promotion!

DarthTeleuton, Jan 6, 12 10:24 PM.
A big congratulations to Ressik for his promotion to Scythe.

Welcome to our Website

DarthTeleuton, Dec 29, 11 3:29 AM.
I would like to welcome everyone to the website of Falx Cariei, I encourage you to look over the rules and introduce yourself.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DarthTeleuton, Aug 22, 11 12:41 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Bounty Hunter (100)
Mercenary (100)
Powertech (100)
Imperial Agent (100)
Operative (100)
Sniper (100)
Sith Inquisitor (100)
Assassin (100)
Sorcerer (100)
Sith Warrior (100)
Juggernaut (100)
Marauder (100)
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